The Perfect Brew Every time

We know how important your cup of coffee is in the morning before you start your busy day so we do everything we can to make it perfect every time.
All our coffee drinks come with a standard 2 shots per cup so the larger size (16oz) has the same amount of coffee but won’t taste as strong. Our experienced barista serves our milk drinks at 58-60’C to get the sweetness in the milk which complements the coffee, but if you want your coffee made to your own liking just ask.

Our house Blend is called Lamotta by Coffee Culture, and is over 90% Arabica from Guatemala, Honduras, Papa New Guinea, Brazil and 7-8% India Cherry premium grade Robusta and is roasted in Rathcoole, Dublin before being delivered to us after 2 weeks. This is to allow the beans to have time to release the carbon dioxide that is created through the roasting process. If the beans are not left to rest for this time it can affect the flavours and consistency of the coffee. This is only the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to the science that goes into producing the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Jake Lamotta was a famous Italian boxer and like this coffee, he packed a punch. It has a full bodied, rich mouth feel, with flavours of dark stone fruits, salted caramel, dark chocolate and roast hazelnuts, with a lingering finish. It makes a strong Americano and holds up well to give a dominant Espresso flavour through milk based drinks.
Our beans are hand picked and grown in plantations 1500 metres above sea level which means less air and moisture content and hence are more dense producing more flavor and a better body in the cup.

As well as coffee we do Herbal Teas. Our Teas are from Niks Tea, a wholly owned Irish Company supplying a beautiful selection of award winning loose leaf teas, blended with real fruits, herbs & spices.

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